What is Scientific Research Projects (BAP)?

The projects, which are partially or completely supported by the university’s own financial funds and are expected to contribute to the technological, economic, social and cultural development of the country, economy and arts at the national and/or international level as well as to the establishment and development of scientific research and research infrastructures, are defined as scientific research projects, knowns as BAP projects. Yasar University full time faculty members or full time instructors/researchers who have a PhD, specialty in medicine or proficiency in arts can conduct BAP projects. BAP projects could also be jointly conducted with international, national and/or international institutions or organizations.

BAP is the whole of theoretical or practical projects, which can contribute to knowledge, economics and arts at social and/or universal level and is an important source of experience for both academicians and students. The execution of the BAP, which was developed in order to support scientific researches in higher education institutions, is carried out in accordance with the Regulation on Higher Education Institutions Scientific Research Projects, which was enacted by the Council of Higher Education, so called YÖK, on 01.01.2002. All full-time faculty members in universities can receive funding for scientific research under the BAP fund. In each university, there is a project development unit that carries out the follow-up of projects in the case of receiving, evaluating and accepting applications for BAP projects. Yasar University Project Support Office, which was established on 01.09.2015 for this purpose, provides support and services to our academicians on all kinds of issues related to BAP.

The person, who conducts the BAP project, is known as the most authorized person and carries all responsibilities related to the project. The project coordinator is a full-time faculty member who is responsible for proposing, preparing and conducting the project, and a full-time university researcher who has completed doctoral, specialty in medicine, or proficiency in arts education. In addition to those who run the project, researchers, consultants, project scholars, and part-time projects assistants can also take part in the BAP project. There is no requirement for researchers and consultants to work at the university where the project is executed, but for project scholars, they are required to be graduate and doctoral students with a thesis in our university. While the number of people in the project team and similarly the duration of the project varies according to each project, BAP projects are concluded within 18 months at most. It can be extended up to 1/3 of the time if necessary. The whole or some part of the BAP budget, in case there is another cooperating institution/organization, is provided by the university's own resources. The costs involved in this budget are:

  • The machinery, equipment and software required for the project,
  • The consumable materials required for the project,
  • Scholarship payments on the project,
  • Service procurement for the project,
  • Travel expenses to be made within the scope of the project.


Yasar University BAP project applications are evaluated by the Project Evaluation Commission, which is chaired by the Rector. The BAP application work flow diagram is as follows: