What Does Project Support Office Do?

Project Support Office (PDO) is an administrative unit, which was established on September 1, 2015 to provide support, consultancy and services to academics and students who conduct research within the scope of Scientific Research Projects (BAP) at Yasar University.

The duties and responsibilities of PDO are:

  • To inform about scientific research projects and project support opportunities,
  • To carry out the preparation, application, monitoring and finalization processes of the BAP projects from the idea stage, to examine the suitability of the projects to be applied within the scope of relevant legislations, to prepare the evaluation process and the contracts of the accepted projects, to follow up the interim report and closing reports, to coordinate the expenditure and procurement processes and to conclude the project closings,
  • Providing follow-up and coordination support during the management and supervision stages of the BAP projects at the relevant administrative units in our university,
  • To establish the agenda of the Project Evaluation Commission, to carry out its secretariat, to prepare Commission decisions, to manage information and documents,
  • To make the necessary revisions of the project applications in line with the decisions taken by the Project Evaluation Commission and to ensure that the signatures and conformities are taken by official correspondence.